A Glimpse

at a Christian Geek


This isn't Etsy stuff, though. These were created by giant, hairy-knuckled, man hands! Ah, who am I kidding… I draw, I don't build log cabins or moonlight as an MMA fighter. But I do have at least two calluses, if that means anything. Anyhoozle, check out some of my comic art and book illustrations by clicking the links below.


Environmentally Friendly

Remember when they used to paint walls blue to create a calming effect on kids? Then high-speed internet and energy drinks arrived and attention spans dropped 16,000%. Now, guys like me have to create environmental graphics that can keep pace with their new, frantic mindsets. Click to see some Motivational Graphics, academic and athletic murals, and exterior signage I've had the opportunity to work on.



I used to snicker at guys who wore skinny jeans and had Chia Pet style haircuts. Then I remembered I used to wear stonewashed jeans with a bowl cut and a vest… How does being cool become so lame upon reflection? While we may never know that answer, here are some Ads, POP displays, E-Newsletters, flyers, and other marketing things I've created in attempts to keep others cool, without the embarrassing 8th grade photo.



If a box that has nothing but a smirk on it seems creepy to you, tell that to Amazon. Logos can be instantly identifiable, for better or for worse, but none can argue their importance in this consumer-heavy generation. Here are some of the logos I've helped create, hopefully without the creepy factor.


No Computer, No Problem

If I could create a book cover for my computer out of a brown paper sack and draw on it, I would. As much as I love technology, I'm still a trained illustrator at heart; and painting and sketching still hold great foundational relevance, even in our slick and savvy digital era. Below are links to some old-school paint and lead throw-downs I had with paper and canvass.



Me, personally? Probably not-so-much. I have the metabolism of 10 men but only the resources to feed one. I'm one of those guys without much "squish" factor, which isn't great for hugging. But I've had a hand in creating lots of shirt designs, so feel free to check them out. They were worn by many very huggable people, I promise.


Worldwide Mobility

The internet is everywhere these days. Seriously. If all these radio waves are absorbable, our grandkids may be born walking wifi transmitters. Lucky for them, they'll be able to surf the web without the 2 million dollar a month fee from a cell and internet provider. Feel free to check some sites and apps I've created for the web; free internet not included.


1 Last Shot

at leaving a lasting impression on the world


So, I'm gonna' have to give you an IOU on that free hug. Things are a little tight right now, you know? Not sure if you've noticed but the economy is kinda'in the Pamper Camper (that specially designated trash can you put your dirty diapers in). But, you can help my situation and improve yours all at the same time. How, you ask? By contacting me and working together on a new project.

A PDF of my resume can be downloaded by clicking below. Don't click too hard, though. I don't want you to injure your dialing finger before you can call me for work.

One thing I feel I should make you aware of, is that I am a devout Christian. Though I believe that speaks for my character, work ethic, and honesty in doing your projects, it also means there may be some offers I will not take if they hinder me from being like Christ. On the flip side, however, this also means I have no problem doing spiritually-focused work, which some artists are apparently allergic to.

Here’s to the future and all the cool developments we’re about to make.

Brett "Nice guys may finish last, but don't let them be broke, too" Hibbler

Call Me... Maybe?

Woohoo! You get to talk to me! Just not on the phone yet. What? I have Telemarketing fears... Please click below to send me an email. Then, once I know you are in fact a human person, we can chat it up like old high school friends. Oh, wait, they use Facebook and don't really talk, they just sort of look at each other's stuff like friendly stalkers... So maybe we'll chat like people in the 90s?